We will start with introductions, some basic ground rules, and jump into technical discussions. We will cover aspects of the bitcoin protocol, new research developments, recent news, and software developments.

Please note the meeting location at 4801 Glenwood Ave suite 200 in Raleigh. It’s the huge Fifth Third Bank building.


  • no pictures or recordings
  • chatham house rules
  • don’t be a dick
  • Hack Day - biweekly unstructured meetup for bitcoin builders
  • Rust Meetup - stay tuned
  • thank you to our sponsor Lolli
  • introductions

Bitcoin Core

BIP 351

BIP351 is a stealth address protocol that makes it possible for two parties to transact using addresses that only they can calculate. It’s an improvement over BIP47 because it takes measures to conceal the initial notification transaction. However, it still suffers from some of the same drawbacks: the sender must exercise coin control and it requires an on-chain transaction before any payments can be made.


Miniscript is a tool to analyze bitcoin script code. It will help wallet devs more easily support a wider variety of script templates. Rob will demo a miniscript project he’s been working on with BDK.






Chaumian Ecash


  • Payjoin - make coinjoin payments!
  • Void - WIP bitcoin wallet that only sends and receives coinjoins.




Coin Stories

Why Bitcoin is Better Money - Knut Svanholm has an engaging conversation with Natalie Brunell talking about the most important discovery of our time. Big picture thinking on Bitcoin. ∞ / 21mil

Bitcoin Explained

What is Miniscript - Aaron and Sjors describe what Miniscript is and how it simplifies the process of programming bitcoin compared to Script, in certain situations.

The Tornado Cash Trial - A good introduction to tornado cash and the arrest of Alexy Pertsev. Aaron and Sjors provide a high-level description of what was going on, it’s relevance to bitcoin, and even mention Wasabi Wallet at one point. A key point is that it is still unclear exactly which angle the prosecution is going to argue. They postponed the trial for another three months, at which time the prosecutor will have to provide a more detailed description of the charges.